Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DCL Summer Reading Program

Douglas County Libraries always has a great summer reading program. I've been doing it every summer since I was in 3rd grade (I STILL have my old library card!). 

I encourage you to sign up the whole family. They always have great incentives for reading over the summer and it helps keep the kid's minds sharp and ready for the new school year!

-Naomi Meredith


Readers @ Play Starts Soon! 

Our 2017 Summer Reading Program, Readers @ Play, begins on Saturday, June 3.

Kids 12 and under are encouraged to read for 720 minutes. They will receive a free book if they do. Summer Reading is for grown-ups, too! Readers ages 13 and up can read 900 minutes to finish and be entered into a gift card prize drawing.
Because you signed up last year, you already have a Wandoo Reader account and can pre-register for the program this year. Lucky duck!
Let's Get Started!

We heard you! New to the program this year: Family Management Tool.

With this new tool, you'll be able to manage all household accounts in one place — for example, logging minutes read, finishing the challenge, etc. 
Learn How Here! 

One last thing... 

Once you have registered, visit any Douglas County Libraries location starting Saturday, June 3, to pick up your registration prizes and log (if you prefer a paper log to tracking online).
Come one, come all for our Kickoff Party on Saturday, June 3, from 10AM-12PM. There will be carnival games, face painting, balloon artists, snacks and more.

During the party, you can pick up your registration prizes from Chipotle, Garden of the Gods, and Colorado Rapids.

Please let us know that you'll be attending by RSVPing below. 

Happy to help.

If you have any questions about the process, stop in to any of our locations to ask a staff member for help, call us at 303-791-7323, or email us
Summer Reading Tip
Access to books is the best way to combat the “summer slide.” Kids who have books around them find books they want to read. The more they read, the less they slide. Douglas County Libraries offers premium, exciting reading choices for all ages, all year long. Our staffers are excited to suggest their favorites too. Come to the library and fight the slide!
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